We can send you samples of color and texture upon request. Click here to order samples.

Our Products are made of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

GFRC is a combination of fine aggregate, cement, water, polymer, chemical admixtures and glass fiber. The key to GFRC is the glass-fiber reinforcement. The fibers take the place of steel in a wet-cast mix. They allow GFRC to develop much higher flexural strengths than typical wet-cast concrete, allowing you to cast thinner, lighter sections and pieces.



With GFRC, concrete can be cast in thinner sections and is therefore as much as 75% lighter than similar pieces cast with traditional concrete. According to Jeff Girard’s blog post titled, “The Benefits of Using a GFRC Mix for Countertops”, a concrete countertop can be 1-inch thick with GFRC rather than 2 inches thick when using conventional steel reinforcement . An artificial rock made with GFRC will weigh a small fraction of what a real rock of similar proportions would weigh, allowing for lighter foundations and reduced shipping cost.

High strength: GFRC can have flexural strength as high as 4000 psi and it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Reinforcement: Since GFRC is reinforced internally, there is no need for other kinds of reinforcement, which can be difficult to place into complex shapes.

Heat and/or Flame Tolerance

This product is non-combustable and will not burn. It is compatible with all extinguishing media. Use any media that is appropriate for the surrounding fire.

Flash point: Not applicable

Auto ignition temperature: Not applicable



1. Glass Fiber: 3-5% by weight

2. Shell Thickness: 3/8 -5/8 inch (6mm-15mm)

3. Weight: 4-6 Lbs/Ft_

4. Density: (ASTM C 948) 105.3 Lbs/Ft_ (1686 Kg/m_)

5. Finish : Based on manufacturer’s selections

6. Color: Based on manufacturer’s selections

7. Texture: Based on manufacturer’s selections

8. Flexural Strength: (ASTM C947) 1,035 psi (7,136Kpa)

9. Tensile Strength Yield: (ASTM C 947) 755 psi (5206Kpa)

10. Compressive Strength: (ASTM C 138) 4,000 psi (27.6Mpa)

11. Surface Burning: 0

12. Flame Spread Index: 0

13. Smoke Index: 0

14. Fuel Contribution: 0

15. Permeability : 1,200 Coulombs

16. Weather Resistance: 200 Hours = No Loss

17. Modulus of Elasticity: (PCI MNL-130) 1.07E+06 psi

18. Absorption: (ASTM C 948) 19.6%

19. Anchor Pull-Out Test: (PCI-MNL 130 T9.2.2) 432 lb/ft

When an order is placed, we get dimensions for your space and we will provide detailed AutoCAD drawings for you to review and make sure everything fits your space the way it needs to.

To provide the AutoCAD drawings, we require measurements of your room and firebox. Use the printable measuring sheet to gather the information at your site. Send images of the completed dimension sheet to info@stonemt.net. We will contact you if any additional information is needed.


Measuring Your Firebox


When measuring the opening, it is necessary to allow for any vent, louvers or doors that need to remain exposed. Please check your specifications for clearance needed to remove and reinstall the glass door assemblies.

When using metal boxes, it is imperative that you note how much of the metal you wish to have covered or exposed. Always be careful to allow for the space needed to remove and replace the glass doors.

How do I order a fireplace mantel, hearth or firetable?

If you’re ordering any of our standard sized products, shop online and purchase directly from our website!

If you need custom sizing and pricing, fill out our measuring sheet below. Send images of the completed forms to info@stonemt.net. We will contact you if any additional information is needed.

Prior to Production

When an order is placed, we get dimensions for your space and we will provide detailed AutoCAD drawings for you to review and make sure everything fits your space the way it needs to.

To provide the AutoCAD drawings, we require measurements of your room and firebox. Use the printable measuring sheet to gather the information at your site. Send images of the completed dimension sheet to info@stonemt.net. We will contact you if any additional information is needed.

Items Needed to move an order into production

  1. Payment
  2. Drawings approved and signed
  3. Contract signed
  4. Color Choice Finalized

Standard orders typically ship within 6 weeks of the receipt of payment and the signed drawings and contract. Production can run longer if your project requires modifications. Custom orders are estimated and scheduled separately. Although we cannot expedite the manufacturing process, please feel free to let us know if you have a specific time frame, and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you.

Shipping Overview

Designs may need to be modified to accommodate safe shipping and handling. All design modifications must be approved prior to production.

Stone Mountain Castings and Design free shipping includes the following:

    1. We offer free shipping with curbside delivery to destinations in the lower 48 US states on every item we sell. All other locations will be quoted.
    2. Curbside delivery to a Freight accessible address.
    3. Residential Delivery with Liftgate.
      • As defined by the trucking industry, Residential Delivery means “curbside delivery” in a residential area.
      • Moving your shipment from the curb to your home at the time of delivery is not included.
      • Residential Delivery services DO NOT include inside delivery, installation or un-crating
      • Residential Delivery with liftgate requires an appointment for the curbside delivery.
      • The Carrier will contact you to set a delivery appointment.
    4. Shipments are Fully Insured against damage.
    5. Shipping lead time is 3 to 5 business days after pickup from our facilities.


    1. Delivery appointments are generally a 2 hour window.
    2. We always ask that the trucking company use a lift-gate truck for delivery, but this is not always possible, so please have 2 or 3 able bodied individuals ready to unload the crate(s) from the delivery truck. In rare cases where the location is remote or in residential areas that do not allow large trucks the customer may have to arrange secondary delivery.
    3. Liftgate sizes vary based on carrier and terminal and cannot be guaranteed to accommodate all orders.
    4. Customers ordering oversized crates will need to arrange for end of delivery services including the possibility of forklift service, terminal pickup or hand off loading
      • 92 3/8” x 38 3/8” x 30” is the maximum over sized shipping crate size
    5. Customer is responsible for providing correct shipping information related to delivery site and accessibility. Orders will not be reconsigned without customer approval and payment of all applicable fees.
    6. Due to liability, freight trucks will not drive on private property. Non-paved roads, tight turns, steep embankments, high-rise buildings or otherwise “difficult” delivery locations or situations may necessitate your having to pay for additional delivery services.

Un-crating and Accepting Delivery

    1. You will need the following on hand to help open the carton: knife, hammer and pry bar.
    2. We are committed to making sure you are satisfied with our products. Your order is inspected prior to shipment to ensure all items are in excellent condition before they leave our facilities. Although our products are packaged securely to prevent any damage it’s possible that in rare cases, damages may occur during shipment.
    3. Customer is responsible to inspect all merchandise prior to accepting the delivery.
    4. Before signing for receipt of the product, all product pieces must be uncrated and the contents inspected for damage. During the un-crating process, care must be taken to protect the integrity of the contents. Never stack stone materials upon one another without carefully placing foam packing material between them.
    5. If there is damage to the carton or the product, please write “CONTENTS DAMAGED” clearly on the delivery receipt that the driver is asking you to sign, then sign. This insures that your damage issue will be easily resolved.
    6. At any point, should any damage be identified, Stone Mountain Castings and Design MUST be notified via telephone (801-495-9797) and/or email (info@stonemt.net) within a 24-hour period. Such email notification MUST include photographic evidence of the damage(s) along with photographs of the crating and packing components and delivery receipt with “CONTENTS DAMAGED” clearly visible.
    7. We cannot be held responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged items if there is no notation on the Freight Delivery Receipt or pictures of the damage. Contact us within 24 hours to initiate a damage claim.
    8. Failure to inspect and document merchandise voids insurance warranty and replacement coverage and costs

Other shipping considerations

    1. Customers are able to ship at their own risk or make their own shipping arrangements if desired.
    2. Customers may give us a commercial ship-to delivery address at the time of order (preferably with a loading dock, pallet jack and/or fork lift).
    3. Customers may ask us to ship to our carrier’s closest local terminal where customer can pick up the shipment.

Stone Mountain Castings and Design’s products are warranted to be free of any major design flaws and material defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery. Please note that material defects excludes natural color and texture variation, typically inherent in the production of cast stone.

Link to view our Installation video on YouTube – https://youtu.be/GvBGS6OIZUE


Precast products are sealed with a high quality concrete sealer prior to shipment or installation. The product can still be stained as it is a natural porous product. Please review the following guidelines to keeping your mantel in pristine condition.

Consistently and regularly vacuum for dust. Immediately wipe up any spills. For a deeper clean, use a diluted floor cleaning solution, making sure to always use a white cloth.  We have been told Magic Eraser works well, as do Scotch Brite pads for tougher areas. A last resort option is using clear acetone. Make sure to ONLY use a damp white cloth without any dye or pigment, as this can bleed into the precast material and permanently alter the color as well as strip finish. Make sure the rag is damp and use long strokes so that the finish stays as consistent as possible.

If in a high traffic area or is an exterior application, we recommend resealing the product once a year with a high quality concrete sealer. Prior to application, make sure all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and prepared.