What to Know About Stone Used for Mantel Services

Having a custom-made fireplace mantel is a wonderful addition to your home design. There is a lot of flexibility you can use to design a truly remarkable and creative accent for your spaces. According to Archute, stone is the most common type of material used for mantel construction. There are several factors that should be considered when you are shopping for mantel materials. Here are a few tips for choosing a stone for your mantle and hearth.

Natural or Manufactured Stone

One of the first decisions you will need to make when you are choosing fireplace materials is to decide if you are going to use natural materials or manufactured materials. There are both pros and cons to each option. Manufactured stone is often considered to be the more affordable option. Not only is the material itself less expensive, but the installation of manufactured stone is also more affordable. This is due to the fact that this material is not as heavy as natural stone. Manufactured stone also tends to have more options when it comes to colors and designs. If you love to have lots of options when it comes to your interior design options, manufactured stone might be a great choice for you. Natural stone is often sought after due to its beauty. When it comes to appearance, there is really no equal to quality natural stone. The variations and colors that can be obtained from quarry stone are unique and manufactured materials can rarely duplicate it. The downside to natural stone can sometimes be the expense that is associated with this material and the installation process is more involved.

Cut and Color

Once you have chosen your material, you will then want to choose the cut and color. With both natural and manufactured stone, you will have a variety of options to choose from. When you talk with a fireplace contractor about mantel services, they will explain to you the different types of cut that are available. Cut types include Cambridge, Areheart, Duncan, Jefferson, Kline, and others. You will want to take your time examining each cut so that you can choose the one that will suit the aesthetic of your home and your own personal style and preference. Remember, the cut of the stone will be the main characteristic that sets the tone of the fireplace, mantel, and hearth, so choose your cut carefully! You should also keep in mind that there are certain styles that work better with certain cuts of stone. When you talk with a fireplace contractor they will be able to advise you on which cut of stone will go best with the designs you have in mind.


Let’s talk more about design. The design will involve more than just your personal ideas of what the fireplace should be like if there is already an existing fireplace built. Your design choices might be a bit limited to designs that work with the existing construction of the fireplace. The design will also depend on the location of the fireplace within the house. For instance, a fireplace that sits in the center of a room and not flat against a wall might have more design options than a fireplace that is flush with the wall. When it comes to design, it is very important that you talk with the fireplace contractors in depth concerning their skills and experience. You want to make sure that the contractor that is building your stone mantel is actually capable of creating the design you want. Stonework is different than other types of construction and is truly a craft. Different craftspeople will have different levels of experience. Even if you are working with a great craftsperson, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have experience in creating the design you have in mind. Be sure to ask lots of questions and define what the craftsperson is capable of before you sign any contracts.


Another very important factor will be the hearth. The hearth refers to the parts of the fireplace that lay on the floor and protrudes from the fireplace. This part of the construction is just as important as the mantel. You definitely want the hearth to match the mantel in both stone choice, color, cut, and design.

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