3 Great Questions to Ask Your Mantel Service Before You Start

Your mantel is a striking focal point, anchoring your living space and adding warmth. As such, only the most experienced service provider should install yours. Ask the service these three revealing questions if you want to find the master craftsmen in the local mantel game.


1. How Long Have You Been in Business?


Age in business doesn’t always mean a provider will give you superior service, but it’s a good starting point. A mantel business that’s been around for a long time has encountered all kinds of challenges and thus may have just the solution for your home. Long-standing businesses typically have strong reputations, meaning there should be plenty of positive reviews out there to back up their work. More experienced businesses will also have a portfolio of work to look through.


2. What’s Your Typical Mantel Installation Process?


Asking your mantel service about their installation process can give you an idea of what to expect. If you’re looking to better prepare for your service, especially if they’ll require you to move things, it’s best to ask well in advance. You’ll also get an estimated timeline for the process. How the contractor responds to your questions also tells you about their expertise. The more detailed their answer is, the more likely they know their stuff. If you’re still in the shopping stage, asking different providers about their processes can give you a basis for comparing services.


3. What Should I Consider When Choosing a Mantel for My Home?


Even if you have a good plan in mind already, it doesn’t hurt to see what they recommend. Asking them about the factors to consider when choosing a mantel can be telling of their expertise, and it can also be helpful to you. A reputable contractor should guide you on size, material, and type of material. For example, according to Archute, a fireplace mantel should be three to seven inches thick, depending on the material. You can decide the mantel you’ll install with the right answer.

With the right expertise, you can make an informed decision about your mantel. We can help you get and install a mantel that speaks to your unique style. Contact our team at Stone Mountain Castings & Design today for assistance from an expert mantel service!