Why You Should Invest in a Custom Mantel

Building a traditional fireplace for your home is a great way to increase functionality. However, you need to build a mantel over the fireplace to enjoy the related benefits. Besides helping with fire control and making the room warmer, installing a mantel can benefit your home in various ways. Here are some reasons to invest in a custom mantel.


While aesthetic value might seem like the main benefit, a customized mantel is essential to your home as it adds protection. The wall around your fireplace needs insulation and protection from overheating to avoid structural damage. By adding the mantel, you get an effective way to protect the wall and your home in the long run. Besides the protection, you also benefit from the versatility that comes with the right mantel.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in a custom mantel is among the easiest ways to achieve energy efficiency in your home. With the right materials surrounding your fireplace, the heat can travel throughout your home. In fact, according to Bob Villa, the farther the fireplace mantle extends into the room, the more it will deflect heat. This means you can keep your living room and home warmer for longer. You also save on energy bills by avoiding using the HVAC system unless necessary.

Improved Appeal

It’s easy to improve your home’s appeal by adding the right mantel to match the style of your home. With a custom mantel, you can use different materials, especially stones, to achieve your aesthetic objectives. According to PR Newswire, the global natural stone market is growing at a CAGR of 4.6%, currently making it worth $53,550.3 million. The market value increases as more people use and embrace stone in their mantels for aesthetic reasons.

Increased Market Value

Your decision to invest in a customized mantel is one way to increase your home’s market value. Contemporary home buyers are looking for features and additions, such as mantels, before deciding to buy a house. This means it’s easier and faster to sell your house at a profit if you add the right mantel. Ensure you learn the different designs you can incorporate into your home architecture to meet your expectations.

Lower Operational Costs

Managing your home calls for a proper financial plan. It costs money to make your home comfortable and hospitable as heating needs can easily increase operational costs. The case is different when you add a customized mantel. According to Wayfair, a supplemental zone heating strategy, such as a fireplace with a mantel, can lower your home’s heating needs, making it easy to save money on your heating bill.

As a homeowner, learning how you can benefit from a custom mantel is vital. This will help you make informed investments and decisions. Our company creates an avenue for every homeowner to use when choosing and building customized mantels. Contact us today at Stone Mountain Castings & Design to get started on the perfect mantel for your home.